Long Time No See

I really haven’t been on this blog for a while… well not really, I’ve been checking on it, but I was never able to actually post anything. How sad… you can blame school and homework. Today I definetly have something to blog about though, before it’s to late to actually post it. Yesterday I went to the KFest (KORUS Festival), which is held in front of KMart in Annandale every year. This is the first time I had gone, because my mom didn’t let me to earlier because she is weird like that… Anyways, it was so much fun! There were so many Asians everywhere (duh)! There were many great performances and some famous celebrities from Korea came and sang, most of the us (the kids and teens), did’t know some of them, but my parent did. I ate lots of Korean food like Kimbab and this sweet potato fries/chips thing. I also bought a hat and won a cute pig keychain! :) The most best part was when KABA MODERN came! Everyone went biserk, and the adults were like ‘what the heck’. After their performance everyone ran back of the stage because it was an outdoor concert and we all climbed stuff to get a view of them, but of course the police told us to back off and stuff. Then there was another performance with Gambler Crew on stage so everyone went back to the front to watch. Somehow I got to the second row of the stage and we were all screaming like crazy, trying to touch, their hands and screaming! So much fun! This was my first expierence like that, being close to famous people, it was like I was at an actual concert or something, so much ectasy! I can’t wait till next year, though now I have to do all my homework on a Sunday… I’ll try to upload some videos later today too.

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