Training myself for track… me?!?

November 4, 2009 - Leave a Response

LAWL…I am currently training myself for track… to be on the school indoor track team, I need to get a 7:15 mile… impossible for me? I don’t know… but I’ve got to stay motivated! >____< I have to run everyday…. but the thing is my mile time average is around 9 something… I think it’s impossible, but I needmore stuff to fill out my college thingie with & being on the track team seems so cool. Also I’m hoping to either grow or get skinnier running everyday… Well wish me luck, and any advice on running better, faster, longer… tell me please! ;)


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I changed the layout thingie for my blog. :) & yay daylight savings! Extra hour of sleep.

Today I volunteered at Eddie’s Club. It’s this place held at this local middle school where we play with kids with disabilities like down syndrome and austism. Honestly it’s fun! Although there were alot of volunteers today, so my friends and I just sat and talked… since we didn’t have a buddie… But I hope next time I can play.  Ask me if you are a middle or highschooler living in Northern Virginia, so I can give you the information if you want. ^^

Random. but my playlist today:  

  1. Save the Best for Last- Vanessa Williams
  2. Forever or Never- SHINee
  3. Nu nah nuhmuh yehbbuh (Replay)- SHINee
  5. You and I- Bom
  6. A Thousand Miles- Vanessa Carlton
  7. First Love- Utada Hikaru
  8. First Love (INstrumental)- Utada Hikaru

Trick of Treat.

November 1, 2009 - Leave a Response

Stupid rain. Well today was pretty fun i guess. :) i went as Ash Kettchum (idk) from Pokemon. I got lots of candy obviously and it was well fun. My friend said he was going to go w/ his friends all dressed in Obama masks. Weird… but funny hahaha… Yup.

& OMG~ listen to Park Bom’s new song- You & i. <333

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handmade earrings



October 26, 2009 - Leave a Response

Recently this past week, I began to feel as if I am invisible. I have friends and if I’m just hanging out with a few of them I feel fine and its fun, but when I’m stuck in a big group of my friends and their friends and etc. I feel very left out.  Honestly I don’t really think I have this one group I hang out with at school, I have like few friends in a bunch of groups, but I don’t know why, but I hang out alot in this korean group at school (its like a mix of twinkies and fobs). Last week, when I was after school at this club with them, they were all talking and I just felt as though I was ignored because when I came in some of them didn’t even say hi. Then, this one unnie even asked me if I thought I fit in with the korean group I hang out alot with cause they are funny, but they are the group where I sometimes feel left out in), I said no because I know I don’t really fit in, but it really hurt me when she said that. Also thoughout the week, it seemed as though they didn’t even see me in the hallways and I just felt very sad, maybe they don’t like me anymore or I’m just paranoid, but I still feel very sad (I know it’s stupid). On Friday, we had to go to a different lunch because we had to take this test during the class before lunch, and my friend and I had to sit with another lunch group that day. The group was of my friends from the group I hang out with often, but they were all in their own conversation and I felt as if though I was being ignored. I was very depressed so I left early, and went to my locker without saying a word, but I bet none of them noticed. Then when I went to class, my friend didn’t say anything as if nothing happened. I don’t know but I just don’t feel like I really belong anywhere anymore. I just feel invisible. Also the korean kids just keep on speaking korean and korean,,, which kind of annoys me, like I understand what they are saying but I mean, there are way too many koreans in my school, it gets really annoying because, because of them my teachers are like judging me when I didn’t do anything, just because I am korean. For example in this one class I was there but my teacher marked me as absent, so I talked to her about it, then she was all like ‘were you late to class’, I said no, then ‘did you have your head down and sleeping?’ um no! I never sleep in class, but the reason she asked me that was because there are other koreans in my class who basically slack off on everything… I was so angry… Ughh. People this asians are supposed to be either really smart or complete slackers, nothing in between. It’s so annoying…

OMGPOP= fun! :)

October 18, 2009 - Leave a Response

I signed up to play on OMGPOP the other day and its really fun, addicting lol! ^^ except there r sum very weird people… -________-;; but anyways if you find a sunflowersmiley, that would most likely be me, so add me! :)

Swine Flu

October 16, 2009 - Leave a Response

My school, no one was really afraid of catching the virus which was headlined everywhere for over six months or so. Every kid was just carefree and blah blah, but at the same time some kids were really paranoid about catching the virus, bringing handsanitizer and overreacting and such. Even the school board said if the influenza hit one of the students in the school, the school would shut down… At my school I know three kids who got the swine flu, though I heard there were some upperclassmen who had it too, but the school did not close. It doesn’t seem to be such a big deal since two kids I know were diagnosed with swine flu three days ago and now they are back in school…

What you see is what you hear.

October 7, 2009 - Leave a Response

I most obviously haven’t been on forever!! It’s because of school… Homework and stuff… except school has been making my life more interesting. :) Well here is a picture that I have created out of pics I have taken over the year… 4yrs of photoshop expierence & this is wut I could come up with… -________-;; oh well I think it’s quite nice… ^^ & a picture I drew awhile ago…

Videos I said was going to upload yesterday…

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Some videos I took at Kfest. You can’t really see anything (useless) but they are there.

darn it I tried but it won’t let me upload .mov files. i’ll firgure out how to convert it into sum other video file… until then…

Long Time No See

September 21, 2009 - Leave a Response

I really haven’t been on this blog for a while… well not really, I’ve been checking on it, but I was never able to actually post anything. How sad… you can blame school and homework. Today I definetly have something to blog about though, before it’s to late to actually post it. Yesterday I went to the KFest (KORUS Festival), which is held in front of KMart in Annandale every year. This is the first time I had gone, because my mom didn’t let me to earlier because she is weird like that… Anyways, it was so much fun! There were so many Asians everywhere (duh)! There were many great performances and some famous celebrities from Korea came and sang, most of the us (the kids and teens), did’t know some of them, but my parent did. I ate lots of Korean food like Kimbab and this sweet potato fries/chips thing. I also bought a hat and won a cute pig keychain! :) The most best part was when KABA MODERN came! Everyone went biserk, and the adults were like ‘what the heck’. After their performance everyone ran back of the stage because it was an outdoor concert and we all climbed stuff to get a view of them, but of course the police told us to back off and stuff. Then there was another performance with Gambler Crew on stage so everyone went back to the front to watch. Somehow I got to the second row of the stage and we were all screaming like crazy, trying to touch, their hands and screaming! So much fun! This was my first expierence like that, being close to famous people, it was like I was at an actual concert or something, so much ectasy! I can’t wait till next year, though now I have to do all my homework on a Sunday… I’ll try to upload some videos later today too.

First Day was Rainy

September 9, 2009 - Leave a Response

The first day… the new backpacks, friends talking about summer, just a day ago, the casual greetings filled with excitement. Hey let me see your schedule to see if we have any classes together. Yup, today was the first day of school, they day which I myself had been awaiting. I was pretty psyched that school was back and that I would be able to learn new stuff, get smarter, make new friends, hang out with my old friends and such. Today was the first day of school, they sky was dark and raining, pretty depressing no? The bus came 15 minutes late, I arrived at school late. I had forgotted my schedule sheet in my house, had to write everything down. I sat in every class bored, listening to those first week of school lectures, which I have been hearing since first grade. It was not a very good first day, you could say it was suckish, but atleast I didn’t appear in the wrong classrooms during the wrong period like some of my friends ;). The day was tiring, waking up at 5am and all, but I had my friends and even made a new friend. Hopefully I made an pretty good impression on my teachers so this year will be fun, for now I am a sophmore! :)


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